Safety at home

There are so many things to keep in mind when thinking about your babies safety, specially when he starts to walk and he wants to explore more and more. Nurturelle wants to give a list of things you should consider, so that your baby is always safe

The basics


Transforming the house in a safe home for the kids is something that one should consider even before they start walking. Of course, step by step other ways of products for child safety can be added. The most important things is that the baby is always looked after, bun even if that is the case, a lot of accidents can be prevented if you follow some simple guidelines.
– Never let your baby alone in a place from where he could fall
– Install safety fences for babies on the stairway.
– You should cover all cables and plugs you are having in the house, with special plastic or with furniture.
– You should put locks or screens on windows and balconies.
– To avoid falls and bumps, it is important to install guards on corners and edges of furniture, and to stabilize high wall lamps and furniture that can tip over. TV and other heavy equipment have to place in low and very sturdy furniture, pushing them as far back as possible.
– Toxic substances are another important thing: we must review the entire house and make sure all are locked or put in places that do not reach the baby. Remember that your make-up bag can contain dangerous things that can be ingested by the baby, such as cosmetics or medicines.
– Only safe toys: Toys for children under 3 years should not be less than 3’5 centimeters in diameter and 6 long; uninflated balloons and plastic bags should always be kept out of reach.

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