Here at Nurturelle we design and deliver products that adapt your needs regarding your baby.

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We are sure that you know exactly what is right for your baby, that no one in this world could ever care better for him, than you. So, what we do is take care of you, as a parent. We know he difficulties around tackling life while being a parent and we thought about coming up with Honest Products.

Products that fit your needs, always in hand, always available, easy to use and with amazing customer service.
We are dedicated to offering products that ease your life and give you time to enjoy the best part – your baby’s first years.

Magnetic Lock


The Magnetic Lock is the one of the best child safety products. Hidden inside cupboards and drawers, the special locks can only be released with the use of a powerful magnetic key. This way, you will be able to secure various items out of the way of your little ones. These innovative locks can be installed in a few simple steps, an they can also be easily disengaged for periods on non use. In order to ease the process even more, the lock features indicators that let you know if the lock is properly engaged. Moreover, the entire system is specially designed to blend with the furniture, making it invisible to the ones passing through the area.We all know how hard it can be to baby proof a home and keep everything out of reach or out of sight, so this is a much needed tool.