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  • I have created a safe environment for by baby using the Nurturelle Magnetic Locking System product, with 8 locks and 2 magnetic keys. I just loved the fact that I installed it by myself, I didn’t need my husband for it and the fact that it has 2 keys, not just one! We put one on the refrigerator door, on the upper part and one we have it in a safe place, in case something happens to the first one. It has so many positive aspects and by baby is safe. I couldn’t with for more.

    Emma T

    San Francisco

  • These safety locks are great. The video with the cute baby helped me see exactly how to install and it only took me two minutes to install the first one. Afterwards it was even easier! I just love them! And my sun is finally out of reach of things that could harm him.

    Jacob M


  • I put these on about 1 month ago. My daughter who really looks for new things to eat and stick in her mouth has not been able to open any of them. Even for adults if you don't have the lock they aren't going to open. Being able to "turn it off" is also a really nice feature for when we have more kids later on we don't have to worry about taking them off and getting lost in the mean time.

    Olivia C


  • Emma T
  • Jacob M
  • Olivia C